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A woman sitting by herself is not waiting for you. —Caitlin Stasey  (via staininyourbrain)

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don’t let anyone stop you from achieving them~(-^〇^-) ♡♡

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you’re safe here

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and we’ll never be foils

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  • Guy in my class:Sir, what if we had a gay P.E. teacher? That'd be bad because he'd be looking at all the guys in shorts.
  • Teacher:You're assuming that all gay teachers are pedophiles.
  • Guy:Well...yeah.
  • Teacher:Carl I absolutely promise you that NO ONE in this school wants to have sex with you
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checks grades

*bastille voice* how am i gonna be an optimist about this

well if you close your eyes

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listening to a good song but it was in a shrek film so the entire time ur like


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We have no idea what he’s doing…

drinking water but in a punk rock way

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one time i took a picture of a tiger at the zoo and the tiger smiled for the picture it was very great and the best picture i’ve ever taken


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7% cell phone battery
0% motivation

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it was a simpler time

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*something cute happens* that’s disgusting i’m going to throw up

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